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02/10/2013 -
In a guitar video's contest by the Israeli musicians union Baldi Olier's "Jaffa's Harbor" won the first price.
 you are welcome to watch the video on the homepage
31/07/2011 -
To listen and buy the album "A Way of Life" press here
15/09/2010 -

On the web site there are on-line guitar lessons of Baldi Olier, for those who would like to learn the Flamenco guitar roots. Make a registration right now, and start learning.

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 those days baldi olier is performing in israel
 for more info click here
  "He plays the guitar as if by gift of god"
  (Nouvelle Republique, Olympia, Paris)
 "He has proved to be a specialist in the mastery of the Spanish guitar"
  (La Vos de Galicia - Spain)
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