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Baldi Olier was born in Romania in 1953.

He immigrated  to Israel in 1964.

Baldi Olier started playing the guitar at the age of ten.  

1975- Traveled to Spain in order to extend his knowledge and study deeply the field of Flamenco and Spanish music.  

1977-After his return from Spain, he started performing with the Flamenco dancers: Dalia Lau and Silvia Duran and participated as a guest artist in Arik Lavi program. 

1978-1981- Lived in Paris and Performed all over Europe.

1982-Participated in the show: Gipsy Ballad, that was considered as a very successful show.

1983- Released his first album, "Estampas Flamencas"  and  gave his first performance: Guitar Happening. 

1985-Released his second album: Spanish Guitar, and started the performance: Baldi Olier Quartet, which was considered a great success.

1987-Released his third album with the famous drum player: Arale Kaminsky: Flajazzko (flamenco-jazz). 

1988-participated in the "Five in the Afternoon" show, together with the Dudaim Couple, and the famous Spanish singer: Paco Ibanez.

Started a tour in Spain and France  with Paco Ibanez presenting the show: Spanish duet. The tour reached its climax at the Olympia Hall in Paris. The Performance was widely covered by the press. 

1989- came back to Israel and presented the show: Spanish Duet, that was performed at the "Hamam Theatre" Old Jaffa 

1990 - performed the Gipsy Flameco Plus show together with violinist Mirel Reznik

1991-Created the show: Spanish Fiesta, which included: singing, playing and flamenco dancing. in addition started with the show: Classy Flamenco, with the soprano singer: Sivan Rotem, in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Museum. The last two shows are available until now in various events in Israel and abroad. 

1992- Created the SpainPaths show for the "500th commemoration anniversary of the expulsion of Spains' Jewery" Israel's Ministry of Education has chosen this performance to be the flag show around this topic and it was performed in various events of this Ministry and at the Israeli Parliament. On the same year Olier published the book "Spanish guitar" for young students interested in Spanish Guitar
1994-Released the album "Taverna" which was inspired by an Israeli TV show by the same name in which Olier was a regular guest for two years. 
1996-Released the album "FlamenConcert" and performed recitals from his compositions with the Ashdod Chamber Orchestra
 1998-Relesead the album: Mediterranean.  in addition started a new show with the jazz pianist Leonid Patashka. 

1999 - performed a recital of his own compositions with the Herzlyia Chamber Orchestra

Tenor and string romances show together with the famous tenor Yevgheni Shapovalov as a part of the Duoman festival
The show was performed all over Israel.

2000 - an evening of Lorca songs together with actress Gila Almagor at the Duoman festival . 

2002 - released the album "Fantasy 2002" together with a string quartet. The album consisted of originally composed and arranged pieces for guitar and strings 

2005 - "Virtoso on stage" show together with jazz pianist Leonid Ptashka

Released the album "Passages in time" in which Flamenco music was combined in an original concept with elements of curent Israeli music (produced by Barak Olier)

2006 - released the album " Baldi Olier plays great Latin hits"

2007 - released the album "Suenos de Amor"

Olier performed with the Ramat Gan and Beer Sheba orchestras in concerts consisting of his own original works

2008 - Composed an original music for the movie "The tale of  Nicolai and the law of return"

which won the best documentary film award at the "DocAviv" international documantary film festival of Tel Aviv. 

During that year  composed music for Symphonic orchestra.   

2009 - released "The Gipsy Album"  in Israel as well as in the U.S.A

Concerts with pianist Dr Astrit Balzan and the Ra'anana Symphonette Orchestra based on Gipsy music.
2010 - dedicated him self to composition especialy music for cinema and theatre.
2011 - Released the album "A Way of Life"
2012 - A new show with the singer Nitsa Termin, had been launched, and was running all over Israel, as part of Kishrey Tarbut" activities.
2013 - He started a series of concerts with the virtuoso Piano artist Gil Shohat: "Shopen and the Flamenco".
2014 - He was out with a series of concerts with the Jazz Piano artist Leonid Ptashka, together with Ashdod orchestra, and is performing on a monthly basis at the Cameri theatre of Tel-Aviv.

2015 -  Released the album Restos de Flamenco 

composed music for the television series of "YES" "To kill grandmother

Made a concert's tour in Europe. His shows received enthusiastic reviews in Festival "Soma Flamenco" in Spain, and in "Henli Festival" in London, and represented Israel respectfully successfully at Independence events in Italy, and

in "Expo" international  

2017 - Due to the demand of the audience, Baldi c reated a new project:

a lecture on a subject which he was dealing for 40 years: "Baldi Olier explains and talks about the Flamenco, and his way as a creator.

Additionally, he published the music book: "Concert pieces for Flamenco Guitar , that includes pieces which composed and played in many concerts, and recorded in various albums during the years                                           

Olier has to older boys Barak and Adam. Both are active in the music field..

Through the course of his career Baldi Olier composed music for movies and theatre shows. Baldi Olier performances and albums include original material, and special combinations for various compositions.

Baldi performed during his career in many countries all over the world (France (Olympia, Paris), Germany, Belgian, England, Finland, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Greece, Netherlands, USA (Centralpark, NY), Turkish, Yugoslavia and Macedonia Russia).





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