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Hello everybody

When I was a young child, and started my interesting in Flamenco, the world was extremely large, and it was impossible to find albums which you may listen to them, and find them as an opportunity to learn from.

Needless to say that it was impossible to find teachers and players in this style.

In order to learn Flamenco, there was no way, unless going to Spain and learn the Flamenco, which considered to be quite complicated style.

Nowadays, due to the Internet and computers, the world becomes smaller and smaller, and there are many other possibilities to learn far cultures, and even without getting out from home.

Therefore, my goal is to assist the young generation, which is interested in the Flamenco style, and as such I decided uploading to my web site Flamenco Guitar lessons, for anybody who is interested.

Practice, play and enjoy.
Flamenco Guitar Lesson for beginners(Hebrew)
Flamenco Guitar Lesson for progressing(Hebrew)

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