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  "It is difficult to believe that ten fingers and six strings can produce such rich  sounds..." 
  (Ha'aretz, Israel)                      
 "At the moment Baldi Olier puts his fingers on the guitar strings, the listener feels shuddering.
 The hands quickness which are full up with amazing emotion,
  penetrate direct into the heart... "
 (English translation from the Finland press) for full articule press here
 "...Olier's playing gets his audience to loosen up and warm to the passionate sounds.
 Olier is an artist of international standing. If you are into having an unusual experience,
 hurry up and go to one of Oliers shows...."
 (Jerusalem Post)
 "...Incomparable success...deeply recommended to invite them for performances all over
 the world due to the artistic value and the relationship they c reate with the audience..."
(Israeli embassy in Istanbul)
 "...Highly recommended... the audience got out in the end of the show "hovering" from enjoyment
(Israeli embassy in Belgrad)
 "...Baldi Olier has proved to be a specialist in the mastery of the Spanish guitar..."
 (La Vos de Galicia - Spain)
He plays the guitar as if by gift of god..."
(Nouvelle Republique, Olympia, Paris)
 "...Baldi and his sons dumbfound hundreds of people, which overfilled the hall with shouts, and special musical experience.
In the end, the audience stood for long minutes, and refused to let the artist get off the stage....Excellent ambassadors of the cultural Israel"           
 (Israeli Ambassador in the Vatican)
 "...The strumming of the guitar strings sounds as if they were part of his whole performing body. His fingers work must be seen and not only heard in order to be convinced of his great artistry. Spanish gypsy blood is flowing through his veins..."
"...He is a real Performer. His show and records offer wonderful world music..."
(Yediot Achronot, Israel)
"...It sounds as if a whole orchestra is performing..."
(Davar, Israel)
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